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Red Bull Beat Battle Crew Invite

We were tasked to create a unique invite for the crews participating in the last ever edition of Red Bull Beat Battle 2015. The Red Bull Beat Battle stage is the ultimate proving ground for South African dance crews. The importance of the crews’ time on stage was illustrated through the creation of a never before seen invite. It included a DVD of the previous four years of competition, and a booklet that provided information regarding the history of the competition and the particulars of each crew, but also acted as a foldout stage.


To bring the action on stage to life, we scripted and filmed a 3D hologram that the crews could access via a QR code. Once the user had scanned the code and placed their phone on the stage to life, they found themselves face to face with Vouks, a legend in the South African street dance scene, who then personally invited each crew to prepare their final move and come back to end it for good in the final installment of the Red Bull Beat Battle.