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Meet Dustin Ryan

Dustin, who hails from the coastal town of Melkbos, was our very first hire.

Having been previously employed by a large, Cape Town based agency, Dustin felt the allure of a startup environment and the promise of greater career growth as an Art Director that comes with working in a smaller agency.

He is driven by the endless possibilities that present themselves as problems, but are in fact opportunities.

“When it comes to creating solutions for clients it is easy to focus on building cool things. The difficult aspect is introduced when your creations need to solve an actual problem.”

My creative process always begins with figuring out what the real truth/problem is and extracting the idea from that. My favourite briefs always include a digital and real world connection and allows for you to play with the idea in an incubation environment where art, copy and code are injected in a collaborative effort to tell a story and co-create with the audience.

One of my favourite elements of the advertising process is the actual selling of the idea. Standing in front of a client and explaining my thinking and reasoning behind the Art Direction of the project gives me a thrill that is hard to beat,” said Dustin.

Having been a core member of the team from the very beginning, Dustin is constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with new techniques that contribute to him being one of the most exciting creatives that we have seen in a long time.

Follow Dust on Twitter and Behance