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Say Bonjour to Louisiane Le Provost

Say Bonjour to Louisiane Le Provost, TWO.AM’s creative and account management intern. Just don’t ask any of us to try and pronounce her name properly.

Since joining the TWO.AM team, Lou, who hails from Paris, has not wasted a moment. She has dabbled in a little bit of everything that TWO.AM, and Cape Town, has to offer; from surfing at Muizies, to squeaking tekkie on Long Street, to developing social media strategies.

Lou graduated amongst the top students of her class at CESACOM, an advertising college in Paris, France, with a speciality in brand communications. At TWO.AM, everyone tends to be a jack-of-all-trades, so Lou had to follow suit. She started in the client service side of the office, but was soon immersing herself in social media strategy and Community Management; with her proudest title being “French Word of the Day Director”.

When asked to describe Lou, a word that a large percentage of our team would use is ‘FABULOUS’. Simply put, Lou looks good, no matter the occasion! For an example, as an agency, we took on the Grabouw Xterra Lite, and Lou managed to outdress everyone there, including all the spectators. She managed to keep her fabulous status alive during, and after, her gruelling six kilometre trail run.

Sadly to say, Lou’s time with TWO.AM is almost at end, and one of the things we will miss the most is the pleasure of being serenaded on your birthday by a French version of ‘Happy Birthday’.


To fully allow you to understand who Lou is, we compiled a little Q and A; take a look.

What do you do for fun:

I draw weird things in the middle of the night. I insult Johan Horn. I let my body feel free on jazz/blues/dub/Afrobeat/electro rhythms. I save all cults phrases that I hear during evenings when people are drunk (including mine) to edit a book one day, I play with cappuccino foam like a child who’s discovering snow. I take pictures of ice cream that has fallen on the floor because they all have an interesting story. I walk around Cape Town to find tiny and secret places. I play drums and ukulele. I sing a French special song to every taxi drivers that I meet. (Can be translate by this “driver, if you’re a champion, go faster and faster”).

What ad format interests you most, TV/Print/Online/Outdoor:
TV because it should be considered as the 8th Art after Cinema. TV Commercials can be real Masterpieces, a work of art, not just advertising.

Celeb crush:
Verne Troyer

Wine, everyday.

In France, the tradition is to kiss each cheek, one after the other. But since I’m here, I find it a bit ridiculous, so I prefer give large hugs or some old school badass shakes, friendly but not as intimate.

Bon Voyage Lou, it has been a pleasure having you as part of the team, and we wish you well on your travels around South Africa and Africa.