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A look back on 2014

They say the first year is always the hardest, and that start-ups either make or break in those first 12 months.

Well, we certainly feel like we have made it!

TWO.AM, which was born from the determination for doing things right and passion to do it better, has flourished over the first 12 months of business. We have grown from a two man team to a seven strong unit, featuring some fresh young talent that is eager to take the ad world by storm, under the guidance and leadership of our two founders.

It would be incorrect however to make it sound so easy, it’s been a tough year! Trying to stick to our guns in what we set out to do, to keep our creative integrity and not just signing clients because they have the budget, has been a very humbling experience. Also, making it work with a small team means being hands on all the time, but its been worth it.

For those of you who saw our office in the first few weeks of business, you know how far we have come in this short period. It all started with three of us around one desk, in each other’s space at all times, at least our minds were close together! We now boast a fresh looking office space that we all look forward to arriving at every morning. For those of you who were not around at the beginning, here’s what we looked like back in Jan, compared to where we are today.

None of this can be achieved without money in the bank. We have been exceptionally fortunate to have signed no less than nine clients in our first year, and our pitch rate has been 100% successful so far!

Our clients have really allowed us to stretch our creative muscles and do some really great work that we are really proud of, and it turns out that we aren’t the only ones who liked our work. We picked a Gold and Silver New Generation Award and an honourable mention from awwwards in our first year.

Once a month, we pack up shop at lunch time and head off on an adventure that usually involves some form of competitive sport or game, followed by lunch, and obviously a few drinks. We have burnt rubber go-karting, sipped G & T’s while rolling bowls in Camps Bay, been exposed to historic Italian culture at The Labia, and even caught a few rays on Clifton. Our key to a happy work place is happy employees ( and G & T’s, obvs).

On the whole, 2014 was more than we had ever hoped for. We are looking forward to a new face or two joining the team in 2015, a whole bunch of new clients, and another award or two; so keep an eye on us here at TWO.AM, because we are here to stay!